SDi is proud to announce the recent publication of the latest edition of our flagship report, the SDi Global Assessment Report 2024. An invaluable resource for all participants and observers of the laboratory instrumentation industry, the ‘Global’ is the gold standard in market estimates and future forecasting. As the market experiences strong fluctuations and, in […]

The manifold significant events of 2022 will etch the year in the memories of many. Some will recall it as the year that marked the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, while others will remember the soaring egg prices and never-ending price hikes. In coming years, the historic inflation witnessed in 2022 could potentially also be remembered as a catalyst for changes in drug development that altered the types of drugs receiving investments and being brought to market.  

SDi is pleased to have recently published the latest edition of our flagship annual report, the 2023 SDi Global Assessment Report. As always, Global is the industry’s gold standard in market data for the laboratory instrumentation market. This year, the highest quality market information and forecasting is more important than ever; the market is strongly […]

Oil and gas infrastructure is a prime target for vandalism, thievery, and even sabotage. For years, countries, oil companies and fuel distributors have faced profit losses and property damage from individuals illegally tapping pipelines and selling the recovered oil or fuel in the black market. In some cases, criminal organizations have installed connections into the […]

Food Testing Microscope Vials Wheat

Given the evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 originated in a wet market in Wuhan, China, where the virus first jumped from animal to human, the need for food safety measures has been highlighted globally. At the same time, food manufacturers and inspectors have had to contend with the operational hardships of social distancing […]

The companies that manufacture the analytical instruments used in drug discovery and development are eyeing a market opportunity in the Contract Research Organization (CRO) industry. According to our latest report, the rush to develop new therapeutics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a flurry of activity in the pharma/bio sector, even as many […]

The chromatography market includes both gas and liquid separation techniques. All chromatography instruments incorporate the following: a sample-introduction port of some type; a delivery system for a mobile phase carrier which moves the sample through the system; a stationary phase, which may be held within a column, a capillary and one or more detectors that […]