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The manifold significant events of 2022 will etch the year in the memories of many. Some will recall it as the year that marked the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, while others will remember the soaring egg prices and never-ending price hikes. In coming years, the historic inflation witnessed in 2022 could potentially also be remembered as a catalyst for changes in drug development that altered the types of drugs receiving investments and being brought to market.  

Chemical Fuel Markers Can Thwart Theft in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas infrastructure is a prime target for vandalism, thievery, and even sabotage. For years, countries, oil companies and fuel distributors have faced profit losses and property damage from individuals illegally tapping pipelines and selling the recovered oil or fuel in the black market. In some cases, criminal organizations have installed connections into the […]

Fragmented Regulatory Environment Leads to THC Inflation in Cannabinoids

In 2020, Keagan Skeate, a data analyst and now whistleblower, reported Praxis lab for data tampering and inflating THC levels in marijuana products tested there. In July 2022, Steep Hill, Inc. was presented with a class action lawsuit by 3 patients alleging the state-run lab intentionally overstated the amount of THC in the marijuana it […]