2 Billion Dollar Tools Market for Cell and Gene Therapy, Says Report

The market for selected technologies and supplies commonly used in cell and gene therapy (CGT) research, development, clinical trial, and product manufacturing exceeded $2.1 billion in 2020. This was the finding made in Cell & Gene Therapy Technologies and Supplies, a market research report by Strategic Directions International, part of Science and Medicine Group.

SDi’s report breaks the market into specific categories with defined markets. The market is led by cell expansion products, driven by costly GMP-grade consumables that are necessary for the culture of cells that are destined for infusion into humans. Currently, clinical trials account for a greater portion of cell expansion revenues than approved clinical use, but this dynamic will shift as an increasing number of CGTs gain approval and enter the market.

Gene therapies can target any gene in the human genome and transfer modified genetic material to specific cells. It requires editing the cellular genetic code to change specific target cells. A viral vector like adeno-associated virus (AAV) carries genetic instructions to the cell of interest. Non-viral transport vectors can also be employed for the purpose of treating or curing disease. Typically, diseases treated with gene therapy have a single gene or protein aberration responsible for the disorder. Once in, the genetic instructions find the appropriate cells and gene addition, inhibition, correction, reprogramming, and/or cell elimination is induced. These types of gene therapies are common for immune diseases caused by protein production abnormalities, like arthritis, connective tissue disorders, and rare genetic disorders such as sickle cell.

In vivo gene therapy involves direct injection, grafting, or intravenous administration of a vector with therapeutic genetic material into the body. The process can be systemic or localized to a specific cell type or tissue of interest. Ex vivo gene therapy genetically modifies the cells of interest outside of the patient’s body, which is the basis of many cell therapies.

Hundreds of suppliers participate in the market for cell and gene therapies technologies and supplies. While the leading vendors are broad-based companies with offerings in all product categories, most participants provide more niche products. The top suppliers in the market in 2020 were Thermo Fisher, MilliporeSigma, Gibco (Thermo Fisher), and Cytiva (Danaher). The rapid development of the market has driven much innovation of new and existing technologies. This has created opportunities for market participants, and numerous new analytical instrumentation and supply companies have been formed to serve the CGT market.

As development and market entries of CGTs accelerate, the market for suppliers of laboratory and clinical tools within the CGT R&D and manufacturing spaces will see very rapid growth. The Cell & Gene Therapy Technologies and Supplies examines the global market for analytical technologies and products used throughout the various stages of CGT development and manufacturing, evaluating 21 technologies grouped into six categories. The goal of this report is to provide demand growth projections by technique, region, and function, while also providing comprehensive views of the competitive landscape for each technology.

The report can be found at: https://strategic-directions.com/product/2021-cell-gene-therapy-technologies-and-supplies-report/

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