In 2020, when the world was grappling with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, next-generation sequencing (NGS) companies became instrumental in developing comprehensive testing and research strategies to fight the virus. Some sequencing companies have expanded their offerings to include COVID-19 testing kits, vaccines, therapeutics, and other related products. Notably, Illumina, a global leader in […]

While the laboratory analytical and life science instrumentation industry has seen some significant business divestments in the past, such as the sale of GE Healthcare Life Sciences (now known as Cytiva) to Danaher in 2020, the overall trend in the industry for many years has largely been one of acquisition and consolidation. And this has […]

The manifold significant events of 2022 will etch the year in the memories of many. Some will recall it as the year that marked the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, while others will remember the soaring egg prices and never-ending price hikes. In coming years, the historic inflation witnessed in 2022 could potentially also be remembered as a catalyst for changes in drug development that altered the types of drugs receiving investments and being brought to market.  

SDi is pleased to have recently published the latest edition of our flagship annual report, the 2023 SDi Global Assessment Report. As always, Global is the industry’s gold standard in market data for the laboratory instrumentation market. This year, the highest quality market information and forecasting is more important than ever; the market is strongly […]

The current pharma/bio market is a rapidly growing, high innovation market that has maintained exceptional growth over the past several years. Of the many technologies that have benefited from its rapid expansion, mass spectrometry has been at the forefront. The adoption of mass spectrometers has been particularly swift in proteomics and metabolomics applications. There are […]

Oil and gas infrastructure is a prime target for vandalism, thievery, and even sabotage. For years, countries, oil companies and fuel distributors have faced profit losses and property damage from individuals illegally tapping pipelines and selling the recovered oil or fuel in the black market. In some cases, criminal organizations have installed connections into the […]

Commercial testing labs play an important role in administering specialized environmental testing, with clients ranging from governmental agencies to corporate entities looking to meet regulatory burdens, health standards and to improve their environmental footprint. During the pandemic, these labs faced hardships as public and corporate funding was curtailed, impacting the overall environmental testing market. Now, […]