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Trends in the Laboratory Instrument Service Market

The servicing of analytical and life science instrumentation is vital to maintaining instrument performance capabilities and maximizing the life of costly lab assets.  Whether provided by the original instrument manufacturer or by a third-party service provider, the instrument service market includes all service contracts and any replacement parts installed during servicing. Other services like software […]

Saliva Based COVID-19 Testing

As the number of coronavirus infection keeps climbing, especially in the US, there is a dire need to have a large-scale and accurate diagnostic test to prevent further spread. With the holiday season coming up, the infection rate is expected to spike as people are traveling and gathering for the holidays. Therefore, rapid and mass […]

The Role of RT-PCR in COVID-19 Testing

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the enzymatic method of replicating DNA sequences, is used to detect and amplify a specific DNA sequence. Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR) combines the reverse transcription of RNA into complementary DNA (cDNA) with DNA amplification using PCR. RT-PCR uses RNA as a template and starting material for nucleic acid amplification. RT-PCR is […]

Stages in Vaccine Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a dire need for a vaccine that can effectively immunize populations and stop the spread of the disease. Consequently, many pharma companies around the world are participating in the race to develop a vaccine. Governments are also supporting these activities with public funding and by expediting the regulatory process for […]

Surfing the Second Wave

As COVID-19 has spread from its origins to almost every corner of the world over the past six months, it has engendered major changes around the globe. The virus has caused a global slowdown due to lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and reduced production levels, while also stimulating a vaccine race among pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. […]

3 Hot Electron Microscopy Applications for the Next Decade and Beyond

Electron microscopy has long been a staple microscopy technology, especially for characterization in the semiconductor industry as well as for other materials. However, new technological innovations combined with emerging industries have opened the door to new applications where electron microscopy is likely to be of significant demand for the long-term. According to SDi’s recent The […]

Single Use Chromatography Finds Increasing Downstream Usage

Single-use chromatography is a relatively new separation technology that hails from the bioprocessing industry. Single-use products, such as disposable filter capsules and single-use bioreactors, were initially applied to the upstream sector of bioprocessing to reduce cleaning time and minimize contamination. As the downstream sector also requires a sterile separation process, single-use applications also expanded towards […]