Electron microscopy has long been a staple microscopy technology, especially for characterization in the semiconductor industry as well as for other materials. However, new technological innovations combined with emerging industries have opened the door to new applications where electron microscopy is likely to be of significant demand for the long-term. According to SDi’s recent The […]

Single-use chromatography is a relatively new separation technology that hails from the bioprocessing industry. Single-use products, such as disposable filter capsules and single-use bioreactors, were initially applied to the upstream sector of bioprocessing to reduce cleaning time and minimize contamination. As the downstream sector also requires a sterile separation process, single-use applications also expanded towards […]

The demand for pharmaceuticals grows higher each year, as the global population ages and diseases once associated with so-called developed regions, become more prominent in other areas. As medical knowledge elucidates the underlying causes and mechanisms of various diseases in fine detail, approaches to disease treatment are shifting. With the rise of precision medicine, medical […]