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Mass Spectrometry Innovations Enhance Metabolomics and Proteomics

The current pharma/bio market is a rapidly growing, high innovation market that has maintained exceptional growth over the past several years. Of the many technologies that have benefited from its rapid expansion, mass spectrometry has been at the forefront. The adoption of mass spectrometers has been particularly swift in proteomics and metabolomics applications. There are […]

PFAS Testing: an Active Area of Market Development for Environmental Labs

Commercial testing labs play an important role in administering specialized environmental testing, with clients ranging from governmental agencies to corporate entities looking to meet regulatory burdens, health standards and to improve their environmental footprint. During the pandemic, these labs faced hardships as public and corporate funding was curtailed, impacting the overall environmental testing market. Now, […]

Mesa Labs acquisition of Agena Bioscience shows importance of clinical diagnostic systems

Clinical laboratory diagnostics has become an important area of investment and business transactions. Recently, Mesa Laboratories, a biotech company focused on quality control solutions for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical devices, announced the acquisition of Agena Bioscience for a cash purchase price of $300 million. According to the press release, Mesa is expected to pay for […]