ARLINGTON, VA., APRIL 29, 2020 SDi, part of Science and Medicine Group, is the leading research and advisory firm covering the analytical instrumentation market. In their latest report, Pharmaceutical Market Opportunity 2020, SDi evaluates the global analytical instrument market for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry amid the COVID-19 crisis. SDi predicts pressure on pharmaceutical companies stemming […]

The chromatography market includes both gas and liquid separation techniques. All chromatography instruments incorporate the following: a sample-introduction port of some type; a delivery system for a mobile phase carrier which moves the sample through the system; a stationary phase, which may be held within a column, a capillary and one or more detectors that […]

  Life science instrumentation is the largest category of the instrumentation industry. It consists of 12 technology segments, with an ever-growing range of applications that offer significant opportunities for discovery, innovation, and expansion, while also serving niche research markets. Nucleic acid-based analysis remains at the forefront of research, as does research into gene expression, proteins […]

LOS ANGELES — Strategic Directions International (SDi), part of Science and Medicine Group, today announced the release of the SDi Global Assessment Report 2020: The Laboratory Analytical & Life Science Instrumentation Industry. The 1,000+ page report details size, growth, and market analyses for 83 instruments in 10 major technology categories. In addition, projections are made on the industry’s […]