SDi has long since monitored the global analytical instrument market, publishing market segmentations and shares on the numerous technologies covered in the Global Assessment Report. As of 2018, it is interesting to note that the top ten suppliers in this market cover about half of total sales in the industry. For SDi’s latest publication, Company […]

The medical field is evolving as treatment models shift away from the traditional “one size fits all” approach, which treats the “average” patient. Precision medicine, also called personalized medicine, is gradually becoming the new model for medical diagnosis and treatment. Under this model, treatments are tailored to the individual characteristics of each patient and their […]

Electron microscopy has long been a staple microscopy technology, especially for characterization in the semiconductor industry as well as for other materials. However, new technological innovations combined with emerging industries have opened the door to new applications where electron microscopy is likely to be of significant demand for the long-term. According to SDi’s recent The […]

Single-use chromatography is a relatively new separation technology that hails from the bioprocessing industry. Single-use products, such as disposable filter capsules and single-use bioreactors, were initially applied to the upstream sector of bioprocessing to reduce cleaning time and minimize contamination. As the downstream sector also requires a sterile separation process, single-use applications also expanded towards […]

The demand for pharmaceuticals grows higher each year, as the global population ages and diseases once associated with so-called developed regions, become more prominent in other areas. As medical knowledge elucidates the underlying causes and mechanisms of various diseases in fine detail, approaches to disease treatment are shifting. With the rise of precision medicine, medical […]

Within the analytical instrumentation industry, mass spectrometry is certainly one of the most dynamic areas for growth over the next several years. Its increasingly sensitive analytical capabilities and enhancements continue to bring the technology to the edge of new scientific discovery and research applications. While SDi covers the market for eight separate mass spec techniques […]

The National Bureau of Statistics of China released its preliminary data on the second quarter of 2019. GDP growth was estimated at 6.2%, which marks the lowest quarterly growth for the country since 1992. China has been one of the best sources of growth for analytical instrumentation for decades, so the question arises: Is this a […]